Campus Visits

Come learn what it means to be Dominican.

From academic programs to financial aid and student life, our admissions staff and current students are excited to show you our campus and everything that Aquinas College has to offer.  

Schedule your visit now to see if you're ready to say "I can be a Saint."

Need helping finding the best visit for you?  We can help!
  • AQDay - These days are what some consider "open house events" -- larger groups and a general overview.  This a great introduction to Aquinas for first-time visitors.  Campus tours have multiple families.
  • Personal Visit - Unlike AQDays, these visits focus on just you and your questions.  You and your guests meet one on one with an admissions counselor and tour campus.  While we always try to do individual tours, we rarely have more than two families on the same tour.
  • Junior Group Visit - During busy times of the year, we will schedule high school juniors for group presentations.  They provide a group information session and smaller tours for those students that are in the early stages of the college search.
  • Club AQ (Admitted Overnight Program) - A unique opportunity to "test drive" life at Aquinas.  Stay overnight with one of our student ambassadors, experience dinner in downtown Grand Rapids, and sit in on a class or two the next morning.  To participate, students must be admitted which means that you'll need to log into your application account so we can verify.  
  • Admitted Student Meetings - If you've got your choices narrowed down but aren't sure how to proceed, this visit is for you!  These 30-minute meetings are intended to help sort out any final questions and walk you through the steps for committing to AQ.  If you want a more wide-ranging overview of Aquinas, an Individual Visit might be a better option.  You'll need to be admitted so have your application account credentials ready!
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